The Sky Above the Clouds


I am delighted to announce the release of a new album of the music of Sian Daniels.  This collection will introduce her music to a new generation of performers.

The Musicians: Adjoa Andoh vocals ; Simon Clarke electric and acoustic guitars; Fiona Kenyetta vocals; Rory Mcleod vocals, harmonicas, mbiras, trombone, tambourine, tap shoes and spoons; Bob Morgan clarinets and tenor saxophone; Sophie Pyett piano and viola; Richard Sadler double bass; Joe Sandler Clarke vocals and electric guitar; Irene Serra vocals.

The album was  recorded and produced by Kenny Jones at Alchemy Studios 140 Station Road London N22 7SX 0208 365 7988  except track 15 recorded at CP Studios South London 1992 and track 16 recorded at Omnibus Clapham October 2015.

Cover: ‘She Left her mark’ by Hilary Barry     The painting is dedicated to Sian.

A CD version of the album is now available. Please contact us for more information.

Simon Clarke July 2018


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