Sian’s Scrapbook

Images and cuttings from Sian’s own scrapbook, including images from performances with Poison Girls and others.

2 thoughts on “Sian’s Scrapbook

  1. It’s great to hear Sian again; I knew her 1982-96 and she was unique; creative, passionate, determined, a true original and beautiful person who touched all around her.
    She could drive you crazy too.
    ‘Missing you’ makes me cry every time I hear it, just like the first time 30+ years ago. To me it’s up there with ‘Say a little prayer’ and ‘I’ve been lovin you’.
    I played drums in a soul band with Sian 1982-84, pre Poison Girls. Though I’ve played with several really good singers since, there’s been no-one quite like her.
    I hope a new generation gets to hear and appreciate her songs and stunning voice.
    Thanks so much for getting this material together.
    peace and love

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