‘As Open as the Sky’: A Concert to celebrate the music of Sian Daniels (1950-1996)


As Open as the Sky: A concert to celebrate the music of Sian Daniels (1950-1996)

At Omnibus 1 Clapham Common Northside SW4 OQW

On Saturday 17th October

Throughout her career, whether working with Ralph McTell, Kokomo, Poison Girls, Rory McLeod or Wolfie Witcher (to name but a few) Sian could always sing the heart into a song. This event celebrated her achievements both as a song writer and musician. Rory McLeod led a group of specially invited musicians in performing material by Sian as well as songs that she performed as a singer and collaborator.

This event was a fitting celebration of a very fine artist and an opportunity to bring her music to a new audience.


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